About us

Bookkeeping Supermarket is a UK based firm providing bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses at our breakthrough price, which is always guaranteed to be the lowest in the market.

We also provide a back office service to UK wide accountants and bookkeeperswho are very happy to let us do the hard work while focussing on their business growth.

We believe that businesses should not be paying a single penny more than what is fair for an essential service like bookkeeping. All businesses are required to keep accurate records of their transactions in order to meet the statutory requirements set by the tax authorities.Thishas become even more crucial as the government is launching its ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD) initiative from April 2019 wherein as a starting point, it will be mandatory for all VAT registered businesses to submit their returns in real time online throughout the year. MTD is planned to be rolled out for other taxes soon after.

More often than not, because of the unaffordable bookkeeping costs, businesses fail to maintain an adequate and regular record of their dealings which results in either the last minute rush or missed entries. This means running the risk of HMRC investigations and also an increased bill from the accountant while not forgetting the resultant loss to the business due to the tax impact of incorrect or missed information.

We have decided to make the bookkeeping costs a breeze, and for most small enterprises, no more taxing than paying your monthly mobile phone bill!

This is the fundamental principle behind our ‘breakthrough pricing’ . Our aim is to use modern technology and communications most efficiently to draw upon the most ‘value for money’ skills without compromising the work-quality or security of our clients.