Our ‘Breakthrough Price’: (Fixed charge offered as per our packages below)

We charge an hourly rate of 12.50 (VAT exclusive) across the board for all our clients, irrespective of whether you use us for a few hours or every day in a month. Alternatively, we can agree with you a fixed charge upfront depending upon your specific requirement.

Our rates are not higher for clients using us for smaller durations but it also means that we do not offer any further discounts to clients using us more frequently. We believe it is fairer like that, as our fundamental objective remains to extend the benefit of low costs to all businesses alike.

Below is an illustration of our monthly costs to you based on different requirements although in most cases we will agree with you exactly how many hours you would need before commencing the work. In some cases we may have to charge you retrospectively based on the actual work done.

We will charge you the actual postage charge for sending and receiving documents. You can use our collection and delivery service, which typically costs around £5 to £10 in most cases for one pickup and delivery. You can also use Royal Mail to save costs further or any other courier service of your choice.

We recommend that you scan your documents to us which would not cost anything, or physically deliver them if you live close by.


We will return your paperwork neatly filed although without any frills.

Accountant’s Review and adjustments: Free

Free review by our accountant upon completion of books and any subsequent adjustments made if necessary.